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NwHack 2022

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Software System Design

Android Sample Chat Application using Azure Communication Services and ChatKit

Harnessing the Power of Less

Kotlin map, foldRight & nested functions to implement redux middleware

Dagger, Injecting custom objects (Interface implementation)

Android/Java Dependency Injection Frameworks (Android Library & App Development)

Distributed caching - Redis

MVC & MVVM Android Design Pattern (Android)

Coding blog with colored code snippets(.md posts)

Adapter Design Pattern

Code Review

Composite Design Pattern

Android Application implementing Azure Active Directory Authentication to call protected Azure Function

Android Studio Enable Checkstyle (Gradle)

Generation of Sequence Diagram using Mermaid

2020 Review

Accessing Azure Pipeline variables in Webpack Node.js


Overloading & Overriding

Book Summary: Don’t make me think - Steve Krug