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Accessing Azure Pipeline variables in Webpack Node.js

Recently, I struggled a bit to figure out a way to access Azure-Pipeline Variables in Node.js JavaScript/TypeScript project. However, it is easy. .yml Pipeline code - task: Npm@1 displayName: "Run project" env: MyVariableName: $(MYVARIABLENAME) // this is pipeline variable name, in Capital letters inputs: commands: 'custom' CustomCommand: 'run test' npm Package install package string-replace-loader TypeScript/JavaScript File Create a file with any name “test.ts” test.ts const test = () => { const myVariable = "My-Variable"; }; Setup webpack.config.js module: { rules: [ { test: /test\.ts$/, loader: 'string-replace-loader', options: { search: 'My-Variable', replace: process.env['MyVariableName'] // from .yml env } } ] } } Finally "scripts" :{ "test": "webpack --config webpack.